OP094 - Rebalancing


Hello Son


Everyday many of you give precious time raising your own vibrations, reading, researching and helping others. This is the path you all have found and continued to adhere to.

There is much chaos as the world begins to realise that it no longer stays on the old path that have left millions into debt and despair. But most of you are beginning to overlook this dilemma and concentrate further on your own progress to spiritual enlightenment.

Rebalancing is dependent on everyone’s own personal path and their priorities they have. It has always been about you and how much effort and dedication you put yourselves into your own personal spiritual development.

But they are many who say, we are not progressing; this is not true; for everyone awakens at their own rate. We remind you that earth’s experiences are many and we continue to learn from them. They are priceless as they spark creative thought and insight into one's thinking. We then rejuvenate into action and make changes to our lives.

Yet again some of you cry out, we have learnt nothing and are still confused. But we say to you then how did you find your way to these teachings.

Ask this question again and again, how did you get here? What exactly was your own first thought that made you look for the truth?

The answer only you can answer; but my precious you have found your way and onto to other truths. The rebalancing of your mind is what is happening and soon you will feel the peace and love into your body. This will continue each day until you have calmed the thoughts and negated stress away from your body.

The rebalancing will continue to happen for everyone no matter what spiritual advancement a person is. The cleansing of the mind and bringing peace and harmony to your lives will govern how you relax and move forward towards your goal.

Be at peace and simply enjoy each moment and shout out loud internally or externally, that each day is going to be wonderful.

Then feel this energy rejuvenate you and make you smile.

Your mother; you are loved and precious to the world, be patient and learn with dedication each day.