OP093 - The World Stage


Hello Son

The World Stage

The events all around the world are changing and nothing is certain; even the monetary system.

Events are based around probability that an event will happen or not happen. We remind you that you govern your own lives through your own thoughts and actions. These actions change continuously and events change too.

On the world stage with so many possibilities of things happening; future events are likely to change than we have mentioned a year ago. This is because leaders have taken heed and have become wiser to the cause of an example, monetary breakdown, this could be averted.

As more and more unruly financiers are being removed, the control will be given back to the people; who are defending your rights and money.

In effect many changes will occur that will alter things in the political, financial world.

Even the channellings we have written could be changed as more become wiser and release their wealth and power back to the people.

Your mother; due to the changes of the collective consciousness around the world, a catastrophe can be averted. Keep your hearts pure and away from the gossip of your surrounding.