OP092 - Can Events be Changed in our Lives?


Hello Son

Can Events be Changed in our Lives?

God has always wanted the best for all of His creations. For Mankind His aim was as soon as you have gained His trust then you are worthy enough to be in charge of your own lives; free to change events for your own purpose.

This does not happen to everyone but for a select few from the world. The reason is gaining the trust of the Lord of the universe. Our temptations and hoarding of material things, lead us away from the path of the Creator.

In fact it makes a person blind from the truth and leads him further away from his true identity and purpose of life. In cases a person can be so lost that believing in God is only a pastime; sadly this has been the result of many people around the world in the common era.

Gaining the trust of the Creator is essential; remembering he hears all the whispers and thoughts of everyone.

Remembering, the path is easier for the one who listens and follows advice from a guide or a wise person.

Then and only then, events in our lives can be changed, without us knowing; as this is the reward for your patience and good conduct during your life.

The path is easier for the one who listens, learns from his mistakes and speaks softly to others.

Your mother; in a few words we have grabbed the meaning for all to follow. The Creator knows what is best, it is wise for you to find this out.