OP091 - Dimensional Learning


Hello Son

Dimensional Learning

Many people all around the world are finally accepting that learning through experiences, researching and building knowledge, has been one of the aims of mankind's existence.

As a result the insatiable appetite to know and find the truth continues to increase daily.

Each dimension we go through; further experiences and insight are learnt. This never stops for each journey the soul ventures through.

We remind you to understand God we have to understand His knowledge and match as close as possible to his intellect. Otherwise we will be constantly in bewilderment and instantly confused from events in our lives.

The Creator of all the universes in every dimensional realm has made life easy when we stay away from harm and negative influences. By abstaining from doing things that can cause imbalance to the body, we can quickly find the path of learning spiritual knowledge.

By being positive and doing things that do not cause harm to others is an easier path then constantly getting yourselves into trouble.

Oh mankind we suggest you take heed from these words and make the changes. These words are a constant polite reminder of what a stable and healthy mind away from stress and negativity; can achieve in a person.

We accept the argument that moments in everyone’s life stressful and challenging, do arise; however if he learns to accept and solve these issues quickly we can enjoy life.

Learning from each moment of soul existence is happiness in abundance; because we begin to understand and wisdom soon follows.

These are light words for everyone to understand but with a powerful meaning.

Your mother; you are loved for every second of the day and night, until you sleep and wake up again in the morning.