OP090 - Pulling Together from a Crisis


Hello Son

Pulling Together from a Crisis

Any illness severe or a minor cold can interfere with the balance of that person and even the whole family. It seems that in severe cases the family becomes tense and restless. This could go on until that person has recovered, leading to other members of the same family recovering too.

It is in these circumstances when quarrels and differences are left behind for the goal of getting well. Even year long differences can be forgotten at an instance and this is the very reason that the Creator gives moments like these to stop and think of our actions.

Every quarrel or disagreement is against our very nature of existence and the consequences are severe.

The mind body and soul complex work in harmony as long as stress is free from the mind. Otherwise a veil of darkness can interfere with thinking and a give rise to a diluted message; the true message being very different if the person is at peace.

Pulling together and harmonising energies is a must; by simply meditating or praying together can have a significant effect. However, sometimes this may not be true and in cases a loss of a loved one.

How long a person lives during his life time is governed by the breaths he takes during that time. If we wish to live longer then we should breathe easily. Like in a state of meditation a calm rhythmic action together with a complete relaxed state is adopted by the person meditating.

This method has seen many people live over the age of a hundred and even illness have been very rare.

In group meditation energies are instantly balanced and move towards a positive direction. This can give rise to instant boost and a revitalising of the mind body and soul complex.

Your mother; by taking time out and evaluating ones life we can understand the lessons from each event; without animosity but instead being thankful of each challenging circumstance, we will then see the world with a different pair of eyes.