OP089 - Discovering your own Path


Hello Son

Discovering your own Path

After confusement, despair, frustration and ignorance you have found a rhythm to your methods to learn. This was necessary as the Creator wanted all of you to find your own path, which best suits you.

A dedicated approach is needed to ensure success in the material world and spiritual development. New timetables and routines need to be adhered to that give success.

More time in learning is necessary; therefore a guide or teacher is needed, even for you. If you are serious about learning the truth and the hidden knowledge, then only a teacher can guide you through this.

I have had several teachers and spirit guides teaching their knowledge to me. Each one was an expert in their field. So it is not necessary that a teacher has the same knowledge as another.

Spiritual knowledge is like a drop in an ocean, such is the vastness of the Creator to possess infinite knowledge.

We remind you that knowledge opens up opportunities in the material world and the spirit world. It bestows a new insight and instinct replacing the old understanding. In the spirit world the vision increases and a refined tuning is automatically done to see the hidden world and understand its meaning.

We remind you again that the quest for man is to understand why he was born and his path in the world.

The regular and most of the readers are on their own personal quest and seriously thinking giving more time to themselves to develop and find their own paths.

Though we have suggested to do research and read to find more truths, it is now to utilise the time to one interest and topic to start the learning. This can be achieved by your experience in reading and discovering what actually fascinated and excited you.

The aim of these teachings is to build up and open up the truth so that you can find more within yourselves. This is the next step all off you have to do, to fulfil  dream that is in your hearts.

Always remember a new journey starts with the first step, so do not think that you are not worthy or you cannot do this. Make these steps and be dedicated and leave the rest to God your Creator and Keeper of all universal knowledge visible and hidden.

You are all the chosen ones and keep this in your memories, you can do this. Be positive about yourselves and make the change NOW.

Your mother; a teacher will guide and advise you the best start for you. He can suggest and keep in touch with you throughout your spiritual journey. You are loved and held in the highest esteem in the eyes of the Lord God your Creator.