OP086 - Sense and Purpose


Hello Son

Sense and Purpose

As the days and weeks go by, there is still anticipation for change; this can only happen with certain signs from the fall of the currency. This is still wrangling on amongst the politicians who try to hold onto their power.

Making sense and wisdom from these proceedings is not your aim; but carrying on with your life with increased purpose is. The primary goal is still the same for everyone, so do not forget this wherever you go.

The next energy wave will implode within and even more to those who are tuned to these frequencies. Did we not say that the Creator is helping all to raise their vibrations and connect with their higher self. He will continue no what matter what cycle will surpass. The Creator guides and helps us to the path of least resistant to acquaint ourselves to their soul.

Oh mankind have you changed your routine yet? If not, then we strongly suggest you do to learn and find the truths of this world and the hidden.

This cycle and period of time is still turbulent with so much anger and animosity in nations all around the world. There is a greater need to settle down and let the peace and love vibrations harmonise the atmosphere. Mankind is still very far away from this as the news suggest.

The collective anger in certain nations is still the same as a year ago. But the authorities are learning to listen to them; they know the consequences will be catastrophic otherwise.

Oh mankind at least once a week, spend more time on you then normal. By increasing your meditations or reading and researching the truth.

Your mother; through the dedication of yourselves to look within the flowers of truth will spread its scent around the world.