OP085 - Questions?


Hello Son


How can ascension take place?

There are certain criteria's that when fulfilled, ascension can take place; if not then another cycle of experiences must be taken. For most this is true and there are no negotiations on this process.

Ascension is about matching the frequencies of that of the fifth dimensional realm or close as possible. The mind must be free of any animosity or grudges that have plagued this world and weakened his spiritual growth. Otherwise he will not be able to walk into the portal of change of consciousness.

What are we doing wrong?

It is not about what wrong or right but what changes within and around the world you and everyone can do. Remember the collective consciousness of the planet and mankind is rising.

If we do not match this change then we will surely be confused for the rest of our lives. The evidence is out there to rid the doubt.

There are many who are not aware of the new time line that mankind is going through and still adhere to the old prophecies; however some of them dependent on the sears are correct.

There is still much you can do, to raise the purity of thought with in your areas.

Rid old routines and replace them with new ones that bring instant fruits to your table.

Your mother; through reflective thinking and positive action, we call all make an effect on the future of this planet. You are loved by all.