OP084 - Interchangeable Energies


Hello Son

Interchangeable Energies

We comfortably accept that our thoughts govern our future and events in our life. Strong or consistent thoughts on the same focus can give rise to their manifestation. The universal laws are bound by their commands given by our thoughts. Whether we are aware of this or not; a connection is made to give an immediate response depending on the task.

When the mind is confused and chattering consists, there is no main focus. The universe cannot obey and create anything, because there is no one focus.

However, there is Divine intervention when the Creator will delay or speed up processes where there is a necessity. We have to remind ourselves that life is personal development in the physical and spiritual self. This aim has always been the same since first man appeared on this planet.

How does this affect the global conscious thought?

When all minds in a city or even a country share the same aim, we call this collective consciousness. Then events and happenings are speeded up to fulfil their own conscious thought.

In this current climate of confusement, complacency, aggression and competition; there could be delays in the plans of 2012. So many people around the world are simply not making an effort to find their path and develop themselves sufficiently.

There are too many who are aware but simply just waiting for events to unfold.

Did we not say that you are the children of God making the changes?

The conscious thoughts are powerful enough to influence the changes necessary to raise ones awareness and instinct.

Every person is part of a consciousness change that will affect the global thought and move into higher conscious thinking. This is the end of competition and greed all around the world.

We have mentioned this on several occasions. However, is everyone ready for this change to happen?

Oh mankind say this to yourselves, am I ready?
Sadly due to ignorance and complacency and people around the world demonstrating on things that will not come to no agreements or a better life; there is every possibility that the changes of 2012 be delayed.

This delay is dependent on you; and how future current events unfold.

Focus then focus again on the glory of the ascension of mankind. By just visualising this we can make all this possible. When thousands focus on this collectively and regularly; changes will happen.

Harmonise your thoughts and stay in the higher vibrations where evil does not exist and thoughts are filled with love and peace.

Your mother; in the mind of man is an energy that can split mountains in two and smell the perfume of a flower. There is wisdom in these words.