OP083 - Thoughts and Life - Part 2


Hello Son,

Thoughts and Life - Part 2

We fail to realise that everyday our thoughts are the catalyst of creation in our lives.

As we think they begin to manifest in the world.

What we fail to do regularly, is think positively and plan what we want in our lives. With this world being so demanding and it is our fault for making ourselves so busy; an average person is swimming in thoughts based around materialistic worries and stresses.

If we can put all these away to the back of our mind, we can accept that there will be events in life that are going to be turbulent.

The law of action and attraction come into effect when positive thoughts are manifested in the world and accepted.

Never think that you are not creative, but think that every day, I create in my mind that governs my life.

You are a co creator.

You can create.

Mankind should put aside time to reflect on his life and look forward to the future with awe and excitement.

Your mother using her creative abilities daily.