Opening Part 2

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Title Created Date
OP041 - The Inner Truth 15-May-2012
OP042 - In Silence I found Myself 15-May-2012
OP043 - Finding the Resonance that Suits You 16-May-2012
OP044 - Living in Truth 16-May-2012
OP045 - All Knowing Spiritual Awareness 17-May-2012
OP046 - Everything is Light 17-May-2012
OP047 - The Inner Flame of Wisdom 17-May-2012
OP048 - Swirling World 18-May-2012
OP049 - Ridding Desires that are Materialistic 18-May-2012
OP050 - Are You Waiting for Heaven? 18-May-2012
OP051 - What Spiritual Masters have Done to Receive Enlightenment 18-May-2012
OP052 - Death is ... 19-May-2012
OP053 - Realignment of the Brain 20-May-2012
OP054 - Awakening of Others 20-May-2012
OP055 - Stages of Awakening 20-May-2012
OP056 - Children Need to Know 20-May-2012
OP057 - Wisdom from Everyday Experiences 20-May-2012
OP058 - Ascension Reward 20-May-2012
OP059 - The Life Force of Breathing 20-May-2012
OP060 - The Challenge in Life 21-May-2012
OP061 - The Beginning 21-May-2012
OP062 - Energy Shift in You 21-May-2012
OP063 - Tapping into the Source 21-May-2012
OP064 - Reincarnation 22-May-2012
OP065 - Knowing and Thinking 22-May-2012
OP066 - Emptiness of the Mind 22-May-2012
OP067 - Higher and Lower Mind 22-May-2012
OP068 - Universal Love 23-May-2012
OP069 - Awake 23-May-2012
OP070 - Natural Way of Evolution 26-May-2012
OP071 - Higher Energies where Evil cannot exist 26-May-2012
OP072 - Valuing Respect 27-May-2012
OP073 - Old Anxiety and Emotions 30-May-2012
OP074 - Repeating Moral Values 30-May-2012
OP075 - Energy Messages 30-May-2012
OP076 - Repeating Dreams 30-May-2012
OP077 - Tolerance 31-May-2012
OP078 - Life Examples are Examples of Imperfections 31-May-2012
OP079 - Staying in the Higher Vibrations 31-May-2012
OP080 - The Divine Soul and the Journey 01-Jun-2012