OP040 - The Questioning Mind


Hello Son,

The Questioning Mind

There are many who are still searching for answers to a variety of questions; when these questions are slowly silenced, the learning and development of yourself will take place.

When we are in this state and continually seeking, our thoughts are scattered and it becomes difficult to focus. Then we do it all over again the next day.

The year of change is upon us and we need to take time and look into the inward journey by focusing for the answers. Yes all life’s answers lies in the connection with your higherself. We suggest that you ask yourselves these questions if they are circulating inside your mind. Then wait for a response to come.

Sometimes we ask too many questions and our energies become imbalanced and messages can become unheard. This is the mind simply being confused and blocks the instructions and guidance coming your way. This effect is the same when we are angry, jealous and stressed.

It is time that you stop for a moment and concentrate on the development of yourself. This is the most important goal for mankind this year. To raise the vibrations and understand, to know and to accept; this is what is needed in the short term goal of yourself.

By doing so things around you will fall into place as your energies will attract your needs for your personal development, if this is your focus. So trust in this and concentrate fully for the accomplishment of yourself.

We can easily be distracted as the world is full of things pulling you away from your own path.

His secret lies within you.

Your mother; harness and understand your own personal needs and wants; then make the change; but always be positive and thankful.