OP037 - Starting a New Life


Hello Son,

Starting a New Life

Oh mankind you say you’re trapped, but I say otherwise. Free your mind and release these thoughts forever that say you cannot do anything; and replace this with insight, for this is the start of your new life.

All the lightworkers and many around the world have highlighted the truth and guide you to a new insight of thinking. Knowing the things around you are sometimes hidden from their true meaning, do not let them mess with your mind. Let it be known that knowing the truth is a start of your journey of discovery of a new life, away from the lies and deceit and oppression.

You are awake.

Remember these simple words and have a control of your life and your thoughts. They have you believe otherwise that you have nothing, but no, it is they who have nothing. They say, ‘we have power and money’, we say they have corruption and greed in their possessions; and this will count for nothing in the eyes of the Creator.

They mess with your thoughts and highlight your weaknesses, but you are stronger, you can see through their false images and promises; ‘no more taxes’, they say, but they fill their pockets with lead and it is they who will carry this burden of weight where ever they go.

You are pure in heart and searching for the enlightened path and discover the secret of wisdom of the heart. They only see what is in front of them, but you can see beyond the walls of false words.

Free your mind from your worries and set yourself free and enjoy the flights you will take. Freedom is a lightness that frees the thoughts to a new discovery and instinct; leading to other insights in an incredible journey for the soul.

But it does not end there; many paths are to follow and each one as exciting than the previous one. You will be challenged and at the same be time be excited, as you will know that the Creator is with you by your side.

When you sit in silence there is no other than the Creator by your side, even the silence remains quiet in His presence. Now you have entered the realm where other saints, sages and Prophets treaded. This space is not empty but full of wisdom waiting to illuminate the mind to a new reality, there is no escape from this. It is coming so embrace and run to it; for the Creator is coming your way to share the path with you.

You asked to be saved and it is coming.

The light is coming and you know this, for some it has already arrived; as you come to terms with your new perception and awareness.

Let go and free the mind of the same thoughts that interrupt your own progress.

Your mother; you are truly loved by all.