OP036 - Mayan Calendar


Hello Son,

I am Jesus and greet you with my open heart and await your question.

Beloved Jesus, someone has asked about the discovery of a new Mayan calendar and the implications of its interpretations. Can you please advise me on this?

I am aware it is causing a stir on the internet, saying that 2012 is not the end of civilisation but many years later. But if you analyse the words of the news even they, the scientists are confused.

They use the words, ‘it is believed’, ‘it could’, ‘it might have’, and ‘possibly be’. You can see for yourself that even the writer of the article or scientists are not sure.

I will now answer your question and again a few examples are necessary to get the full picture.

The interpretations of the past writings or any form of art pieces on this subject, has been done by people with material senses and not using the link with their higher self. Nevertheless, some interpretations have been close and many have simply been falsified and hidden away.

The world does not end in 2012 but remember it is the year of change. Some people regarded this change as the end of civilisation, according to their translations. But this is not the case, and again the evidence of channelling by others reflects on this.

Now another question could be asked, what exactly did the Mayans have recorded? They had superior knowledge and some even were enlightened. The Calendar ends in 21st of December of 2012, for a purpose, showing the end of their calculations, as they could not extend beyond the date. This recent discovery is showing a different timeline beyond 2012. I will now give you an example;

You exist in multiple universes and are best described as time lines. Each major decision in the past opens up a different time line of existent. If you think about this and pause for a moment, and ask yourself how can someone see into the future? It is because the past, present and now all exist at the same time. A person with spiritual knowledge and is aware of the scientific laws of the universe can experience these levels of existent in any time.

What does this mean?
This means that there are two time lines. On approximately 21st of December 2012 the time lines of the past, present and now will merge into a single point. This point of existent is called singularity and we will not be able to see the past or the future like those who used to. This merging as we speak is causing mankind to be instinctively aware.

Now the new discovery beyond 2012 is the new earth and the new vibrations.

The world will exist; there is no doubt, but remember that Gaia is a consciousness too and she is ascending with the rest of those who wish to ascend too. This increase of consciousness was predicted in detail by the Mayans, and the news only shows a glimpse and not the full interpretation as many of not discovered or translated the rest.

We need to point something to you by giving another example. When we make choices we open time lines of opportunities and it is up to yourselves to accept them or simply dismiss them. Either you go down the road to the left or down the right; it has always been according to your own free will. The Creator has decreed this and kept so many paths open leaving you to make your own decisions.

Time is approaching when a decision about yourself has to be made, on where you wish to go.

For example, we quote your dream, which you had two days ago, about your mother, Ascended Master Saida Khatoon. I will interpret this and its significance;

What you saw was a different timeline and her life and that of the family, had she not walked the path of spirituality.

You saw yourselves in the same house where you lived fifteen years, but this would have been your permanent home. You yourself were making a small living, working in a shop together with your father and brother. Your mother was shown working for a family as a cook. This is how you would have survived in that time line if your mother had not chosen the path of God.

Our choices we make govern the quality of life for those who you love and family. But the path of spirituality and belief is the most rewarding; look at your family now. There is no comparison to the old time line you saw, everyone in your family has embraced the path and is working as a team to enlighten the world. Everyone has their own house.

The Mayan calendar high lights these time lines and the choices you have to make. All those who read these words have to make a choice at the designated time; whether to ascend and embrace the journey to the Divine or stay with the third dimensional souls, as it is.

But you have all made this choice, whether you believe it or not.

My dear ones, the dark lords, few there are still in control of the media and will stop at nothing to distract you from your true personal goal of ascension to the higher realms of the soul. Stay with this goal in your heart and reap the rewards.

Ascend with Gaia.

I am Jesus and glad to share my wisdom with this pure soul, I bid you farewell. Forever in your hearts.