OP035 - Cleansing the Mind to Balance the Energies


Hello Son,

Cleansing the Mind to Balance the Energies

I am Jesus and greet you with my open heart.

You have all done very well to change your routines so that spiritual learning can take place. The next thing for you all to do is to cleanse your thoughts and balance the energies. This is necessary otherwise there will be a constant battle with yourselves if there are challenges that arise. You all need to work things out with the goal of getting yourselves back into balance.

The world will leave some in a confused and even a frustrated state, but if you relax and accept these moments; then you will come back into balance very quickly. Do not blame others as they are walking through the same path in the material world and they too often get frustrated.

When we are in this state, the mind goes overtime, churning thoughts and blames into others and ourselves. In this state so much emotional energy is used as a result, physically and spiritually we are drained.

It is these events in our life that we need time to settle down and say comforting words to others and ourselves. Sometimes differences and difficult situations can be sorted out with both parties coming to some kind of agreement.

Remember dear ones, if you wish to ascend and reach the highest goals you have set yourselves, then take emotional thinking as a priority. The key lies in the mind and we can move forward once this settling period is over.

Some of you are worried about your debts and how you are going to pay it all back; this is a recurring thought. Let this rest and put it in the back of the mind and move forward. There are so many things changing and soon you will find the debt is nothing to be worried about.

If you truly trust in me then send your problems to me and let it rest. Oh dear ones I want you all free from the tensions and stress of your lives so that you can all focus on bigger issues, like raising your own vibrations to match the frequencies of ascension.

Be assured I am walking the same path by your side encouraging you all to succeed.

Each day take deep breaths, and breathe out the negative emotional energies and replace them with positivity when you breathe back in. Each day practicing this simple technique will help you to balance the mind, to be ready for anything that the world can give you.

In between remember to visit your friends, family and the elderly, and those who you feel positively charged with. Meeting up and having simply a good time is the best tonic of all as this energy circulates around the area of your visit.

Harmonising every atmosphere where you are is essential; whether in the work place, at home or visiting anybody.

As you balance yourself and into higher energies you also maintain the energies around you. Your presence can make all the difference.

I am Jesus and am glad to share this knowledge with you. I give my love from the Creator to you all. Be positive as soon as you walk out the door and remember to smile.