OP034 - Your not Alone


Hello Son,

Your not Alone

In the chaos of the world and the hustling and bustling of life, we sometimes want to get away from it all. Just to be by ourselves and just unwind, forgetting the routines of the day and be at peace.

We often wonder why there is so much tension and stress whilst in other days there is none. We question ourselves looking for answers constantly. When they do come the cycle continues until the next day when we question again.

We find some comfort in the quietness of our home, and relax and forget the moment for a while. My dear ones, at that moment when you question yourselves in that moment of silence, the higher consciousness communicates and sends harmonising energies to you. As it too feels the stress in you.

There is no doubt the mind, body and spirit are working together to rid the body of the tensions in the mind. Your are not alone as the Creator has thought of everything when he created this master creation we call the human body.

There are certain things that we can do to stop the overloading of thoughts in our mind. Change the scenery, take a walk and see nature with a different pair of eyes. Notice the beauty of the things around you. At the same time say a prayer; let the worries of the day be taken care of by the Creator. Let positive thoughts once again cover your mind and move onto the next day.

If your mind is racing through and churning out thoughts that are making you still stressful, then talk to someone and receive support from each other; knowing that soon things will change and believe in this outcome.

Accept life’s challenging moment as a small hurdle to get to where you are going, but always try to be in balance. The Creator knows how turbulent the world can be and busy it can make you; but he is forever by your side and walking through each day with you.

Many times in your life that you needed someone and felt alone, this is when He carried you until you were able to stand again. The Creator has always been there for you supporting and inspiring you to take action to help yourselves through these moments.

Your mother; we are all here for you and know soon everything will change and the Creator will rid these memories away, so that you can truly celebrate.