OP032 - Spirit World


Hello Son,

Spirit World

I am Jesus and greet you with my open heart and I cleanse your body of unwanted thoughts.

You have become aware that there a several paths that lead to the spirit world; the most common are through meditation, channelling and the dream state.

What all three have in common is silencing the material senses and entering that void of nothingness. This silence is the start of the journey and without this we will be still using the material senses that are only limited. Reinforce your learning, so that many of you can focus on this method when you give greater effort in trying to contact the spirit world.

The environment and place for meditating or contemplation must be the same and it is advisable that a regular time should be the same too. By adopting this habit the mind will automatically speed up and focus as soon as you sit down and concentrate.

When you do this regularly, have a writing pad and pencil ready to jot down the flashes of images that will appear. By doing so you are retuning the mind to the connection and focus. This also raises the spiritual senses and opens the spiritual mind too.

This method will work instantly as everyone sees little flashes and images in their meditations. Then over a week have a look at what you have written and you will find that as the days go by you are writing more and more.

This method is for you all who want to experience the spirit realm.

You are also aware of your dreams and this same method can also be adopted and instant results will be achieved. However, if you are very tired then your mind will be racing along and over thinking. It is advisable that you get plenty of rest in this case.

I am Jesus and bid you farewell and may the Creator show you all the path that you are seeking.