OP031 - Seeing the Difference in You


Hello Son,

Seeing the Difference in You

Many are in two minds whether to continue with their daily routine or to continue on the higher path and find their own enlightenment.

It is suggested that you do both, as the changes affecting mankind has not materialised. Any decisions could make your personal lives difficult; such as leaving a job; as you all have still to pay bills. It is better to handle both routines.

In the beginning it will seem that you do not have the time, but you will find that if you rid one or two routines, for example, watching television or reducing the time. You will find time can be made and you can carry on with your spiritual journey.

Remember, once you have tread on the path do not get off it, as this is the path with the greater rewards; the material world will never match the treasure you will receive.

Confidence is growing in you all as you feel uplifted. There is a calmness over all decisions and many are becoming watchful over what they say, as they now know that anything said could have a negative effect on the surroundings.

There is a need to carry on with a determination towards the great outcome in mind.

Keep your mind and the third dimensional material world temptations away from your consciousness and focus on the goal.

Some of you are becoming aware that the country Iceland has forgiven the peoples' mortgages. This is a noble and spiritual thing the country has done. Unfortunately it is not on the main media because the dark lords still have control over this.

This country is the first step of many more that have the sense to follow their example. You can research this on the internet.

Your mother; support each other in this transition; may the love of the Creator over come you.