OP030 - Continue


Hello Son,


I am Jesus and I greet you again.

When mankind started his spiritual journey, he was totally unaware of the future and the consequences. He was totally unprepared and rode on luck rather than work hard on himself. This is because the spiritual journey was like no other spiritual journey of the past hundred years.

The Creator decided to enlighten the world in the last twenty years especially. This is because there was a greater need to educate the population and prepare them for ascension. Once mankind realised through the work of lightworkers and those who channelled their higher consciousness and Saints and Masters, he became more determined to succeed.

This year has seen a rapid increase of people wanting to know the truth. This insatiable appetite has grown each week and will continue to grow.

What do we need to do now?

I realised that there are many who are wanting to know what is happening on a weekly basis, but my dear ones there is a need to match your frequencies to that of the fifth vibrational realms.

To do this read and perform meditations as much as you can; at the same time stay away from those who make you restless. This could also be those who constantly disagree and argue with you. Your peace in mind is essential and so is your positivity for ascension.

Those who are still growing through the third dimensional paths will open in their own time and they are not your concern unless you feel that your presence can change their mentality. You know what is best and you have the experience now.

The energies of 5/5/5 are taking a hold and permeating, opening the consciousness of many people around the world. Some will still feel tired, like you are and still need time to circulate and anchor them sufficiently before an effect is felt by all.

Do not be restless, every path is different and people have different experiences than others. So do not compare with others, we remind you the entire bigger picture is ascension, enduring it and living through the fifth dimensional realms. This is why some are totally being prepared for these events.

Some dear ones will be significantly used for the fifth dimensional realms only; so if you feel as though you are doing nothing and that others are, then do not feel this way. As your turn will come, so be patient.

Remember the fifth dimensional realm is not only the goal but living through it and knowing what to do as well. Many will need further guidance to live in this realm, so be patient and guidance will be given in phases.

My dear ones, the story of your final days on the third dimensional realm are coming to an end so prepare thoroughly and do not be complacent. This applies to everyone and no one is immune to this, as there is much to learn and awaken the mind.

The Creator has given mankind an infinite amount of knowledge that he could acquire so find this out. The more you do, the stronger the energies you will tolerate and the more of a role you will have in the fifth dimensional realm.

Be dedicated and continue with routines that work for you and at the same time ridding the mind with personal baggage. You are all doing very well and it is having an effect. Your auras are changing colours signifying that energies are manifesting in all of you and the surroundings.

This message is given to remind you that there is still much to do and that you are all loved by so many who watch over you.

I am Jesus and bid you farewell and keep up the progress you are making each day.