OP029 - Energy Field


Hello Son,

Energy Field

The Creator's Divine light in the atmosphere is best described as an energy field. This energy responds to our thoughts and emotions.

Whatever action a person does he ultimately releases an emotional energy, positive or negative, the universal field energy responds. This response depends on the needs of the person.

To describe another way; we are familiar with the concept that it is the Creator, who provides for our needs. Which is certainly correct, but how does this happen?

This field energy is malleable and highly sensitive to emotions in the sense of, ‘needs or wants’, of an individual. This is done by a connection instantly made from the field energy.

Yet on occasions this connection cannot be made due to a change of mind or by doubting, therefore the universe does not supply our needs. There are special circumstances when Divine intervention or persistent thinking of something, changes the outcome.

This ascension year and mankind's awakening, together with mass protests around the world, are causing major distortions and rapid changes to this field energy. We must also remember Divine energy is regularly feeding and neutralising the negativity of the planetary field energy.

As more and more people awake, the field energy will change and the needs of the people will have to be provided.

We remind you from an earlier channelling that it is wise to chose and visualise your dream, as they can come true. If the collective consciousness has the same goal and desire, then the universe will have to fulfil and reveal all its treasures to mankind.

Your mother, wish upon yourself ascension and keep your thoughts positive.