OP028 - Cleansing Continues and Starts for Others


Hello Son,

Cleansing Continues and Starts for Others

As soon as you enter an environment; your presence changes the atmosphere, just like yesterday when you went to meditate in your group. The energies in the room lifted and instantly there was a buzz in the air. I know you felt it too and they were glad to see you.

For them it is the introduction of ascension and what is going to happen; most of them had no idea until you spoke to them. This is the start for them and some were left confused about the year. However, you planted the seed inside their heads and got them thinking. This is why they said for you to come back and explain further.

An instant desire was created by the Creator to help them make the right choice and get on this journey.

This introduction will accelerate their learning as long as you keep going to the group. Your presence is essential to change the energies of the room and for them to absorb inside of them; even they are totally unaware of this.

Some people are still in the cleansing phase and need to rid themselves of the trauma, personal issues and grudges in their minds; before they can actually think clearly and start to change their routine.

There will be challenges ahead as this group is for your training and introduction, of the topics that people will question and answer.

Once they slowly awaken, they will continue to question and want evidence.  Be assured the Creator, Jesus and myself is with you all the way.

These are your friends and I am glad that you have decided to go back and start meditating with them.

Oh mankind support each other and understand that every person thinks differently than others. Walk and share the path that your are walking with your friends. Learn with each other as the energies and understanding will increase.

Your mother; you are making a difference to so many lives and this will accelerate so be prepared and accept praise and criticism from them.