OP027 - Rising from the Foundation and Into Light


Hello Son,

Rising from the Foundation and Into Light

Every day is like a new day as mass consciousness awakens the mind of thousands of people around the world. In a short time, those who think they are behind others, in knowing what is happening, will no longer feel this way.

The Creator will speed up your learning and you will know instinctively that you are being guided. Not only this, but peace will replace the anxiety and stress of the world problems. There will be a metaphoric change and if you research in detail, it has already started.

Mankind will have an insatiable appetite to learn and catch up with the rest who know; building a foundation which would have taken tens of years in the old time line. Such is the kindness of the Creator to help those who wish to learn and develop themselves spiritually.

When the foundation and understanding improves and the link is made with the higher consciousness; you will feel changes within you. These changes are new experiences never witnessed and experienced before. Your thinking will be so fast that even you will be amazed.

The greatest gift is acknowledging that there is a higher force which is teaching you and helping in the ascension of yourself and all of mankind. Soon the euphoria and excitement will spread like wild fire. But this flame is special because it is leading to happiness and wealth for all of mankind; as the wealth around the world will be distributed equally. This is your graduation and the Creator demands that the celebration be made.

Oh mankind remember your roots, you came from the lower vibrations and have struggled through times where other entities could not have lived, but you worked hard and made it possible.

Now it is the time to find the path of light and stay on this path until full enlightenment. This message will constantly be repeated as these words contain the energy that will absorb inside of you.

Oh mankind do not squander this chance as it will not come again after another 10,000yrs or even more. Change your routine to maximise the time to learn and raise your vibrations.

Your mother; the time is now and the moment is almost here; make the right decisions and the outcome will be simply majestic.