OP026 - The Silence of the Mind in Meditation


Hello Son,

The Silence of the Mind in Meditation

My beloved Jesus, I have a question which I do not quite understand; how can a mind be silenced when it continues to chatter in meditation. What is in this silence?

It is a very good question and shows how your thinking has developed over the years; before I can answer this I need to explain the processes of the mind, then I will come back to the question.

Every person, plant, mineral, water, air and every creation has a continuous link with the Divine Creator. If this link was broken then the item or thing will perish immediately. This is because the inspiration and energy of existence needs to be present for it to exist.

In man, are thoughts that link with the Divine, without this connection and flow we would again not exist. This flow is every 15 seconds before another thought enters our mind and is a precise measurement from the Creator.

Such is the power of the Creator; he has worked everything to a detail that cannot be matched by anyone. Therefore every 15 seconds secures mans vital force to exist.

But what is the mind then?

The mind is nothing but a translator; man cannot think for himself nor do anything. The actual true body is the soul; the flesh and bones you see is only a dress for the soul to live in this environment. As you are aware when the body dies, the soul discards it immediately.

This means thoughts are coming from the soul and this is our inspiration and guidance. However, when a person is intoxicated, stressed or angry, these messages can be misunderstood and confused. The best way to describe this is if the correct thought is a colour blue, then it manifests inside the mind; however, we were angry that day, then the mind turns this message into a different colour. Now we can only perceive part of the message, being totally unaware of the correct colour or message.

We can also describe another way; the message is not translated correctly because our focus was not on the message. Instead the mind is concentrating on something else. Emotions play an important part of our existence and it is the very reason that all Prophets and Saints were calm people. Remaining calm for majority of the time is important, otherwise it simply ruins the balance of the body.

Now if we come back to the first question on what is inside this silence? Silence is the realm between third dimensional thoughts and the start of the God consciousness. As soon as we become silent we enter this realm where anything third dimensional does not exist.  

Silence is like a sky with stars every where, I am using this as an example to make understanding easier. Now when we focus in meditation, through regular practice, we enter this realm of silence. Depending on our main focus of thought we home into one of these stars. This star and yourself will complete a circuit and begin communicating or revealing knowledge to you.

This is exactly the same in channelling, but without the images.

Through continuous practice and regular focus, ones thoughts can be controlled to a point and a person can enter this realm of silence; where the God conscious commences.

Why is it silent?

Because this realm cannot hold the third dimensional vibrations and God only exists in communication through a higher realm. Any person who talks or sees the Creator does not use his senses but the spiritual senses. This is the start of a person's spiritual journey; when he enters into this realm; where man's own faculties and senses become void.

When he communicates then, it will be through the soul.

When we focus in meditation, from now on think deeply of what I have said and then it will become easier through practice.

I am Jesus and I bid you farewell and admire your persistence and dedication towards mankind.