OP025 - Coincidences


Hello Son,


If you think back and scrutinise your life’s events, there are many coincidences when you stopped and thought ‘wow, this is happening to me’, or something went smoothly perfect all of a sudden. Or in other occasions something was given that led you to a different train of thought.

All these captions of your life were not simply strange coincidences but Divine intervention. These experiences occurred to make you think and move to the correct path, to carry on with your internal journey and know the soul’s own spiritual enlightenment.

These coincidences are guidance because you wished it upon yourself, whether you are aware of it or not. The Creator has chosen you and will keep guiding you until all your needs are fulfilled. I suggest that you keep on wishing and never be completely satisfied, that way the Creator will look your way constantly.

There is wisdom in these words and they reflect seriously about the events of your life that have made you find out about a lot of things. As this year is the year of change and cleansing, we naturally want to give thanks to the Creator and at the same time let go of bad feelings and instances with people.

Coming to terms with built up emotions which were bottled up for years is not easy but the Creator wanted you to be strong, so that you could tolerate the energies of the current year and beyond.

This internal strength and tolerance is essential for personal spiritual development, otherwise we would break down constantly and completely stop. Leave the bitterness behind and accept the positive again. It can be difficult at times to forgive some people.

This is your graduation and the endpoint of your personal goal is so near, so let go and move ahead and strive for what you want to achieve.

The Creator is in awe when you do this and He will help and even carry you when it is needed. You are indeed special and He will never neglect you when you have all travelled down the path for so long. He is waiting on the other side and this is the final goal for mankind.

Understand your life experiences as only stepping stones to the great event, then you will travel further.

Your mother; with tears I give you this message as I am aware of the hurt and pain you have all gone through with your lives and the moments of sadness. It is time to let go of all these memories once and for all.