OP024 - Destination not reached


Hello Son,

Destination not reached

For the right reasons nearly everyone is focusing on the events of this year and ascension as the main destination and goal; as so many people around the world have written pages after pages, one’s thinking can be understandable.

However, it is a start of many journeys for the soul and it does not end there. The journey to complete perfection is a long journey full of pleasure and excitement. I am at dimensional realm fifteen, and have gone through many levels to get there.

Using third dimensional language, it is impossible to describe, however, determination is the key. Without this I would have never succeeded. I am giving myself as an example because I believe some of you will achieve this and at the same time be thinking about the higher realms of knowledge.

All this knowledge is to make your passage through the realms easier with greater understanding of your self and the Creator. This desire to know is not going to be quenched but increased through His realms. There will be an internal feeling that we still do not understand the Creator, hence the desire to reach His presence will increase.

To be in His presence is the most satisfying thing I have ever experienced, and words do not give a full explanation.

Oh mankind I want all of you to think beyond the fifth dimensional realms, wealth and desires.

The journeys really start, when we first step out from our comfort zone, and begin to explore our mind.

Enjoy the moments of life as they are just moments and the real journey starts when we open our dormant 90% of the brain. Journey after journeys will lead to further experiences that will excite your mind and leave you wanting more.

Your mother; the journey of many journeys are starting.