OP023 - The Need


Hello Son,

The Need

As mankind awakens, our priorities and need-to-know increases daily. Some have been arguing their cases and have been demanding more from the authorities and establishments. This interest will increase at such an alarming rate that, eventually the walls will finally come crumbling down of those who continue to shed lies onto the people.

Whilst this is happening, mankind too will realise that all their life, they have been chasing shadows and will want to improve and increase the vibrations of the body.

Many around the world will see the benefits of meditation and will encourage family and friends to join them. As these positive steps are happening the negative energies and influences are becoming minimal; once mankind realises that he is no longer going back to the low vibrational thinking of greed and desire, he will catapult himself along his spiritual path.

Many are doing this every day and have realised the wisdom of change is the action and forward steps made to make this possible. A calmness and even excitement of the year is filling inside your mind; as many of you are even planning carefully future forthcoming scenarios.

But remember the most important planning is inside of you and the heart, instead of the mind. Your heart will never misguide you as it is full of compassion and love from the Divine Creator. The more we look into it and recognise that all wisdom is inside, the key will slowly turn to unlock the knowledge you desire.

This knowledge is the preparation needed to make the crystalline body for the fifth dimensional change and ascension.

Every time we connect or read, a vibration permeates inside the cells to slowly grow into the beloved you will all become. The body cries out for this need to change and the higher consciousness guides you to the right place or event, to instinctly feed the information; so that you will understand your journey.

It is time you feed the body what it needs.

Your mother; the awakening of souls will increase and will collectively open their minds and embrace this change, with laughter and gifts.