OP022 - New Energies and the Impact it Will Bring


Hello Son,

New Energies and the Impact it Will Bring

I am Jesus and welcome you with my open heart and have a message to all your readers.

The 5/5/5 energies have now become activated; this is the next wave of awakening and those who are already awake, are anchoring their energies. Every month will see a new vibration of energies.

Some of you enjoyed the experience of meditating at the exact time.

In fact there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who sat in silence to absorb this new vibration.

What does this mean?

We must remind ourselves that these energies are forming the crystalline state within our body. The body is going through its own transformation just like Mother Earth. The vibrations are being replaced or we should say upgraded from the lower vibrations of the third realm.

This rejuvenation of the body will keep increasing each month. It is the very reason you have been extremely tired as the energies need time to settle down. The settling period will take several days, so tiredness will continue. Our beloved readers need to be patient until the writer has fully recovered.

Some will feel a little heaviness and even pins and needles in their chest, but do not be alarmed as this is a positive indication that your heart chakra is opening.

What should we expect for the future?

If we monitor the news around the world, there have been many changes in most major countries. With so many elections that will give rise to new governments and change, this will put the people first. This is happening right now as many people demand changes and the riddance of debt that is holding progress down.

Spiritually there is a new phase, as it settles down to begin the shake up of the planet and move into a new formation of the pole shift. This is necessary and for my beloved ones; it is important for you not to be alarmed by this.

The biggest energy source is Mother Earth and mankind is being fed enormous amounts of energies. But there are still negative vibrations that she must rid herself of, as each day goes by.

What type of cleansing?

There are the three main changes taking place as far as the atmosphere, Mother Earth and Human body are concerned. Each one is going through their own cleansing and rejuvenation process, this will be before the grand finale of ascension.

Mother Earth’s cleansing and changes are essential and everyone can do their part by ridding the rubbish and meditating outside.

My beloved ones take time by enjoying the beauty of your own gardens, outside places and forests. As you marvel their beauty, you will also transfer much needed energies into the planet. She too needs help from you to accelerate her progress through ascension.

What you think and do affects the atmosphere around you and the collective consciousness. Thankfully from your perseverance and determination, the change is happening and people around the world have begun to talk more openly without fear.

What further changes are happening?

We have mentioned before and many have read that personal changes and cleansing are taking place. These are at a personal level where emotional karma needs to be rid of the body.

When we become upset or an event happens in our lives that have had an impact on our minds, we find it difficult to forget; and so this manifests inside the body. This energy can be anywhere and needs to be cleansed by forgiving ourselves, accepting that the past was simply a learning curve, so we can move on.

This personal acceptance, affirmation to move on and our decision to forget the past (and others) is part of everyone’s journey. Otherwise our thoughts will always creep back and overload our thinking. Letting go and forgiving others lightens the body and frees the spirit.

You are tired and recovery for you is necessary.

I am Jesus and delighted that so many of you are recognising the challenge and the need to change. I bid you farewell with a parting gift of my love to you all. May the Creator make your journeys easier and enjoyable.