OP021 - Jesus Part 6


Hello Son,

Joining paths

I am Jesus and greet you once again; free your mind and let the thoughts dissipate away.

Every person has a role in life and a spiritual role. This life is just a small measure compared to the realms of existence. Your path has already been ordained; however, there is much to do and learn. Once again the dedication you have shown is an example for others to follow.

On occasions your path has seemed an intense struggle to maintain balance of the mind; however, when it was achieved it seems like a distant memory. This is the result of the Creator lightening your mental burden and helping you to forget the details.

The path is different for everyone, even though they all lead to the Creator.

When you channel me, this path is a higher one and our thoughts intermingle and we communicate. Any one who focuses on me is able to create a link. I encourage all of you to read these words to do so.

On the spiritual path there is always a sponsor who guides and nurtures personal development. No matter what faith or culture, this is exactly the same, as the Creator does not discriminate from any person. On occasions some will not know their sponsor or spirit guide, however, through regular practices of meditation and contemplation a link will be made, and that spirit will reveal itself.

A certain sponsor is a past relative or a loved one who wishes to guide and spread their own wisdom. When a person passes away he/she is 40,000 times wiser. This is because the next realm of existence has a higher frequency and understanding. Not only this but a greater mind capacity of learning.

These past spirits of loved ones are easier to contact with as they have a desire to communicate with you. There can be many spirit guides but there is always a head teacher.

When we look back and reflect upon our life, every step of the way guidance from the higher consciousness and the spirit world is given; even though on occasions we were unaware of this.

This is not true on current times as more and more people are connecting and listening to their inner guidance. At the same time regularly developing themselves. This intense desire has come recently, as the collective consciousness of the planet has changed and we are beginning to play the same tune.

This inner guidance you have mentioned many times is a refined vibration or even in simple terms a telephone. However, you must know the number before any dialling that takes place.

This can be done through regular practice in meditation.

Your mind will automatically scan the frequencies until a contact is made. With faith this can happen very quickly; so be patient and try my beloved ones.

I am Jesus and I embrace all of you with my energies.