OP020 - Jesus Part 5


Hello Son,

Filling the Void

I am Jesus and heart opens to you each time you communicate with me. It is humbling to meet a Divine person who is enlightened.

There are many things I am instructed to teach you by the Creator; this can only be done when you raise your vibration higher than it is already. The knowledge that I will transfer to you is of a high potency and could cause an adverse reaction. This is because the body needs time to adjust to the new vibrations.

I suggest you channel daily at least, otherwise if you want to do more it is up to you. Remember, your focus will be more refined each time.

May I suggest that you approach it with a different mental state as your mother; instead a complete empty mind. So that I can transfer everything that I am teaching to you. This is because if you have something on your mind then it can interfere with our work and message.

Your mind is completely empty and this is the correct way and it will become easier each time we communicate.

The void inside your mind is like a moment of silence before the action; in other words it is a period when the download will commence. This sometimes can take little bit longer for that period to settle in the mind.

I am teacher of many, who later on will communicate with you, but I am your spirit guide and I take care of your welfare very seriously. You are fortunate that you have your mother, Ascended Master Saida Khatoon, to guide you too.

Like a seed, knowledge is implanted in your subconsciousness, and then overtime this seed will germinate and transfer to your mind for harvesting. As a result you will be able to access the information and corresponding energies and the vibrations.

This gradually will transform the cells of the body and further germination of the enlightened body will take place. This process never ceases but continues as the Creator's knowledge is infinite. During the soul's lifetime all knowledge can never be learnt as the soul’s age can never be enough to acquire this knowledge.

Knowledge is the opening of the body and the transformation of the next evolutionary stage of the soul. Everyone on earth is making their next body, in this case for ascension the light body. This however, is a gradual process that cannot be calculated by man. Only the Creator knows the correct proportion and time for the next phase to take place.

The void of the dormant 90% is opening gradually all over the world, some quickly whilst others it is over a period of time. It is important to point out that each case is different and also depends on the intensity of the vibrations contained in the messages.

Such is the intensity some people will actually disintegrate and into dust immediately. The Creator knows which is suited for which person. He has divided each segment of knowledge between the populations.

As you are aware from an earlier channelling, there are 124,000 levels before we can actually sit on the throne of the Creator. Between all these levels there are sublevels.

Each journey through the dimensions is an evolution for the soul, as we travel up to the source over a period of time. It is the very reason the entities from other galactic planets are here to assist. This is an enormous undertaking as the Creator has thrust mankind to a big leap, at the same time cancelling many prophecies. This is because we are on a new time line leading to a different outcome we call ascension.

Your patience is commendable and it is time we take a break.

I am Jesus and glad that you are making excellent progress on your own personal path. I bid you farewell, forever in your thoughts.