OP019 - Jesus Part 4


Hello Son,

Forgotten Past

I am Jesus and welcome you with my open heart and blessings from the Creator.

Mankind in their history have forgotten their roots; this was done purposely by the dark lords of the world. However, this awaking which speeded up from the last twenty years has meant, most people are beginning to understand themselves and the path forward.

Mankind has been feeding themselves from the material world and its misguided information. Yet we were not aware of this and have continued living without any focus or question as to where everything came from. We have continued living as though there was a veil which stopped everyone from questioning.

This life meant that what we see became our focus and everything else became a second thought. Over time we unintentionally passed this belief onto our own children, who saw what their elders saw. This foundation or structural character was soon diluted down to simple hollow beliefs.

But there is a happy ending to the story as in the past thirty years; children born during this period have much of their DNA open. You often refer to them as indigo children or enlightened children. They are here to balance the energies of the planet and negate the disharmony. Overtime they have played an enormous part of the history of the current planet.

These children are the future of the planet as we open our own DNA daily.

Most children are totally unaware of their role and as a result are living the world and watching the false media; not knowing their own connection they themselves possess. It is the role of the parent, carer or elder to guide them to the right direction and away from the temptations that only lead to short term happiness.

These children you will find are often head strong, this is because their ideas are different and they see and pick up things very quickly. However, to those who are awakened, they are a mind full of information, as they can access their higher self for guidance.

Mankind’s DNA is going through an evolutionary stage of rapid awakening. This opening is the secret and treasure the Creator has referred to in the Holy Books of the world. There lies your own identity and start of a journey for the soul.

My dear children all around the world, you are the most precious beloved souls at this time; to your credit you chose to be here and witness or ascend during this sacred year.

This planet is your heaven on Earth once all the negativity will be expelled out, and then a new earth will emerge from the caldron. Once this process has undergone through all the stages, a new prosperity will be distributed throughout the world and this will signal the end of negativity and cold heartedness.

My beloved children, your patience and caring hearts, and the way you are all conducting yourselves is watched by millions of other entities who admire your courage. They wonder how a planet with low frequencies and intelligence can rise to a level of great wisdom in such a short time.

You have become their role models as you strive for what you believe in.

Your positive energies are circulating around the world and many are awakening. These collective energies are feeding the atmosphere and the frequency of the planet.

I am Jesus and with great pleasure I communicate with you now and give my energies to those who continue to read your words.