OP018 - Stay True to Yourself


Hello Son,

Stay True to Yourself

I am Jesus and I greet you with my open heart and energy.

It is advisable that you channell with me regularly, such that a balance and harmonic routine can be established.

My enlightened ones all around the world, I congratulate and admire the sacrifices you have done to make 2012 a memorable year for mankind. I know for some it is not easy, but be assured the Creator will make every effort to lighten your burden each week. There is considerable action in the spiritual world to ensure that your smooth transition to the fifth dimensional realms can be achieved.

We remind you this path is a higher and enlightened path and all emotional baggage must be disposed off as this is your extra weight. So lighten the mind and rid the thoughts that plague your mind. Hold no grudges amongst your families and friends, as this will only plague the mind and cause unnecessary chatter. When this occurs positive energy is drained and replaced by negativity.

It is better to forgive; this conduct is a person who holds value to others and this is the higher path.

Personal development of oneself must be achieved before spiritual development. Many people around the world ask why they cannot do the things that channellers do and other spiritual souls. This is because they have become of themselves internally and externally.

This means they ‘practice what they preach’, and they lead by example in everything they do.

If there is a message which needs repeating then it is this, the Creator has made this path easier and it is wise for you to take this opportunity and excel.

Mankind has grown so much spiritually over the last two years and many are beginning to understand the need to awaken. You can all achieve the path of enlightenment and meet me in person. But you need to match my frequency first.

How do we prepare ourselves for 2012?

There have been many reports concerning this matter and we are aware that many people around the world are apprehensive. The best ways to prepare is internally and leave the rest with the Creator, for he knows what is best.

There is no need to move countries or start moving elsewhere; the Creator has a plan for everyone and no one will be left out. He knows what the next path for you is and how to achieve them. It is the very reason He has laid dilemmas and obstacles in your life so that you may understand and that you make a better decision to lead you to a favourable outcome.

Each time you have stopped and listened to your higher self even though you were not aware of this; and each time an answer was given. Sometimes you accepted them other times it was rejected. So the process of decision making and trials of life continued until you understood the message.

We have advised you many times to spend quality time on yourselves and achieve the reward from the Creator.

Your are special and loved dearly.

I am Jesus and bid you farewell and may your mind and the energies increase; so that more knowledge and wisdom can be achieved and shared. Be patient.