OP017 - Align Your Family Part 3


Hello Son,

Align Your Family Part 3

What about those who do not have a family?

Every person belongs to a social group, whether it is at work, in a neighbourhood or in a recreational place. So if there is no family then your friends are next after your family.

How we treat friends or anyone we meet is the same as we conduct ourselves with the family.

We do accept that there are many families who are not communicating with each other and it is impossible at times to get along. If so, take a step back and continue with your own life, but keep your door open. Live in hope, if that is your desire; to patch things up.

Otherwise the world is full of wonderful and caring people, so with a greater effort, you can join a group, whether it is a yoga class, or you can all make friends in another social way.

If we broaden our outlook we can live our life to the full, being aware that changes have to be made. Otherwise we will be stuck into routines that do not produce personal spiritual growth and happiness.

It is through action and by doing something that the process of achievement can be made and the wheel of fortune will always favour the one who makes the effort.

My dear ones look into your hearts daily and listen in silence.

You say that you have no one but remember you have God.

Your mother; it is through sacrifice, sweat and a little tears, achievement and progress in all fronts can be made.