OP016 - There is No Religion in Spirit


Hello Son,

There is No Religion in Spirit

To reach the higher path we must stop judging others and accept everyone as they are. The world and its media are designed to create friction between the masses. They want you to say, ‘they are different’, and lead you away further from the truth.

We consciously know that everyone should not be judged, yet we forget so easily and continue criticising. We accept this as a way of life and watch others do the same. Next thing it has become a habit; moaning, criticising, judging others and everything.

Even in religion, we fight over the same God and forget that He sent all his Prophets the same message, peace. Yet over decades there has been very little peace, the evidence is in the news.

Oh mankind, the primary purpose of religion is to build a foundation of character, discipline and love for the Creator. This is the same in every religious teaching; if we care to read the Quran, Bible and the Torah, the teaching all reflects the same theme. This is because they are from the same source, but just written in different time periods.

When we become critical we actually cause harm to our body, and we do not heal the atmosphere as well; in fact we cause pollution. Thus harmful vibrations are created, causing others to absorb inside themselves. When this happens over time, people get ill and in some cases severely.

When we stop judging others and religious beliefs, we start to heal. People begin to heal around you too as the vibrations have changed. Your whole personality will change and the true inner light will begin to open and shine.

People forget that there is no religion in spirit, as the Creator has created all things through His Will.

If we remove the skin away from every race on the planet, we would not know the colour of that person and which country he is from. All the bodies will look exactly the same, there is no difference. This is how we should expect our approach towards others to be.

Let others grow to have fine individual personalities that care for others. Let them have their moment of glory, rather than suppressing them and putting them down all the time, by being judgemental.
The Media has purposely polluted the mind to cause discrimination in everything in life. But you are awake so destroy this habit and change into the golden light that you are; then watch this light shine in others.

When you dream and watch your spirit fly to distant lands, it holds no boundaries and simply it is free to roam. This should be the same in life; free to roam and ability to discuss every belief, creed and religion openly.

Such are the beauty in the words of God; we can actually smell the scent. The Creator is all wise and He continues to shed His light without question. In return we should honour Him by finding our way back to the enlightened path; where other free spirits continue to walk upon.

Your mother; free the spirit and let it roam around the world shining its light onto others. You are loved by all and the Creator.