OP015 - Align Your Family Part 2


Hello Son,

Align Your Family Part 2

There are many who are aware of the need to awaken and the sacred year of 2012. Yet so many are secretly finding information out and not sharing with your loved ones and families. There is a hint of fear of what they might say or do. My precious pearls, if you do not make a step to let your families know, they are the ones who will miss the excitement and the joy of ascension.

You are the initiators of your own family; you are carrying the sacred torch of awareness. Do not doubt your ability, as inside you is the golden light of knowledge bursting to get out and share with others.

Some of you are lonely in your families as there is no one to discuss with and share your own feelings. Many times the thought of telling someone has been repeating in your mind like a tape recorder; yet you hesitate and doubt over and over again.

A family that shares the same thoughts, ideas and philosophies are able to build bigger palaces in the spiritual world; as their energies and excitement keeps on building. They now tread the same path as you do; you have now aligned your family.

However, on some circumstances this cannot be possible; so make a spiritual family and contact those who feel inside it is right. When peace and appreciation has overcome your anxieties, then you know you have made the right choice.

Your family and loved ones do not see what you see as the truth vibrations are stronger in you. Teach them the same steps when you first found the truth yourselves and see their reaction. Little by little and each day show more of the truth and build it over time. You will know exactly how much is necessary and when to pull back.

Keep your mind pure and be mindful of their opinions and do not over react from a negative comment. Everyone has been on this road of uncertainty and confusion until the path was found. This will apply to your loved ones too.

On some occasions they already knew or suspected and they too were being hesitant to share with you. Embrace the words together and let the light of the Lord be in you heart.

If there is one thing to be shared, it is that we are all on a spiritual journey returning back to our Godself. We need to be reminded constantly as we will not find the way in this material world; otherwise we will continue to be lost.

You often pray to your families; but for a prayer to be fulfilled; there is a need for action to make the prayer complete. To do something physically is at the end of the prayer. The Creator has heard many prayers and answered them all, allowing you to do the final action.

Your mother; through my Divine love inside of me I share my knowledge to those who align my vibration to theirs.