OP014 - Align Your Family Part 1


Hello Son,

Align Your Family Part 1

The world is full of distractions; most technology was designed to keep you busy and away from relations.

These relationships are with yourself, the connection with your higher self and the other is the relationship with your loved ones. Both have meaningful values that can be built upon and led to appreciation and love. There is no doubt that without a connection, understanding cannot be gained and enhanced.

Relationships are special and we should shed a different point of view and angle.

When a family unit shares the same vision and focus, the energies multiply; the Creator rewards them with light and waits for them. The Creator sends a beacon to that family to see if they can find the signal.

The Creator then inspires the higher consciousness to give advice in the form of images and scenes from his current life to the mind, to see if he is still listening. The Lord can only show him the way; he must act upon the signals.

Oh mankind, do not let the distractions of the world limit your own progress and away from your path. The dark lords of the world have set the world accordingly to deceive you and keep leading you further and further away. But the true can find the time and dismiss this distraction.

They know intuitively what is right and can use their higher self to guide them to a silence, which directs and inspires. This is the target for you all and it is easy than you think.

Your families need to play the same tune, so tell them how you feel and let them see what you see. Be patient and through prayer you can all achieve this.

Oh mankind remember the inspiration lies in you so be determined and follow your inner voice when it calls you. Learn to listen and listen again until the voice is heard.

The God self needs to be heard and respected, it demands attention, because it cares and loves you dearly. You are both connected.

Your mother; love comes with respect and respect comes from understanding and understanding comes from knowing the inner self exists.