OP013 - Your Time Use It Wisely


Hello Son,

Your Time Use It Wisely

We are coming to a point where everything is merging together, we call this singularity. Mankind has been living in duality where choices were being made; leading to different outcomes. This is no longer true and we will soon lose all this.

 Time is also merging, but it is getting faster and faster and it will get to a point where there is no time, but an instant.

Are we losing time?

No we are not losing time, but time is unnecessary, it has become a restraint for mankind. This is because we live our life around a routine that made ourselves less important.

If you all analyse your time tables and routine, how much do you spend on your spiritual journey or finding God? We recognise the need to work but outside of this there is time to enrich the values of man; to find his secret hidden inside his heart. If we do not use our time wisely then this period will come around the next twenty five thousand years or when the Creator has ordained another ascension period.

Oh mankind do not say we are running out of time, but say God will give me time, because as his reward he will give you all the time needed to succeed. He will elevate you quickly onto the path of your choosing, as long as you still have the interest.

Indeed this does not apply to you all; otherwise you will not be reading these words. The need came from the mind and the higher consciousness guided you to this direction on the website. This is the reward from your Lord who has answered your query or search to know. The Creator has listened to your needs and He continues to provide them, whatever they may be.

You are all special in your own way, and remember you chose to be here to experience all of this in person; so give credit to yourselves regularly and smile too.

Your mother; mankind has truly found his path and it is time to accelerate further along.