OP012 - The Way Ahead


Hello Son,

The Way Ahead

I came in spirit last night and decorated your car with nature’s confetti; I know you noticed this immediately. And I sent you a thank you card for being an excellent teacher.

This is the way forward for getting the message across to all the people around the world; there are many who are living on hope and it is this hope that some will come into contact with you. Your approach is different from others and they can access the channelling more easily.

From the past Saints, they have said for the duration of history in time, the Creator has sent 124,000 prophets. For each race or tribe a prophet was sent; this was to satisfy the different beliefs, customs and faith that they practiced across time. We know quite well how easily a difference of opinion from saying something; as one will interpret a same sentence differently from another person.

We know how easily wars have broken out due to misunderstandings.

The reason the Creator sent so many Prophets was to confirm the message of believing in one God and to live life in peace. This message was repeated regularly over a period of years until the last Prophet Mohammed.

In this era, the message is clear, the Creator wants as many people ascending and awakening as possible. The time is up, no more messages or guides after this. The decision has to be made and all of mankind who want to ascend need to take this opportunity and build their spirituality.

To your credit, to those who are reading these words; you have found what you have all been seeking, the way forward.

When we love thy neighbour, honour our parents, give charity and help those who need help in any way; we then begin to refine our tuning to the higher self. The Creator loves those who help themselves and are willing to help others freely without any reward.

Oh mankind, everybody learns in different ways, so do not feel inferior to others. If you learn through reading and you feel that you have made progress because of this; then the Creator will feel the same and you will be rewarded.

The Creator has made many paths that leads to Him to take into account your own thoughts and opinions. He has been very fair and He judges not which path is correct. You decide if it feels right inside, then it is right for you.

Make this change in character and the way forward and out of the shackles of the third dimensional restraints.

Your mother; sharing knowledge with those who want to inspire themselves and find the hidden spark of light.