OP011 - Jesus Part 3


Hello Son,

The Secret in You

I am Jesus and I greet you all with my open heart.

This third dimensional realm of existence is a turbulent zone, full of scenarios, good or bad. Many people cannot even predict a future event; and we often forget our thoughts play a major outcome of these events.

Man’s thoughts are scattered and the mind is like a chatter box, constantly churning out ideas, thoughts, worries and other things. We simply lack the focus continuously to find our true identity. This need not be the case.

From the beginning of time man from all the creations was the secret of the Creator. His greatest achievement to man was His knowledge, so that mankind may understand their Creator.

In your hearts lies a precious treasure, this is the same for everyone, no one has been left out. This knowledge is understanding in all of the higher levels of the soul's existence. There is nothing which has been kept away, for the Creator has given mankind everything he needs for his journey.

The material world has kept mankind away from the true self. There has been constant distractions in your mind; resulting man to focus on what they can see. But the secret lies in the hidden world of the soul and the inner self.

The Creator due to His compassion, has heard the prayers of millions of His children, and has made the spiritual path easier. The last two decades has seen an increase of awareness for this very reason; so mankind can be saved from themselves.

The material world has forever clouded your judgment and led you further and further away from your path. However this path has become closer and man does not realize this.
Oh mankind recognize that in you through meditation, contemplation or sitting in silence, your secret can be accessed through the higher self. Every time a person does this exercise we tune ourselves to this frequency. With continued practice, the more refined the frequency will become.

There are many people around the world who have found this knowledge of understanding and found awareness that they never thought they had. Each day they see things differently and find that peace has taken over their mind. They no longer toil or get frustrated. The new self has made them tolerant and their judgment has increased each time they contemplate.

We say to ourselves that it cannot happen to us, but I say look at the evidence around you and see the life stories of ordinary people and how suddenly they have found the light. This is happening to mankind daily and it will happen to you, if you have faith.

Give yourself a target and a new timetable of spending time improving your own focus. Be patient and I will send my light upon you all if you focus on me.
We must remind ourselves that this is mankind’s victory over the negativity which has ruled the world for such a long time. We can expect a bright future where people will have respect and love in their hearts.

This is your triumph and you all need to cease this opportunity. Believe in this outcome. Read and you will find that others have written the same; as we have put light into other hearts.