OP010 - Collective Consciousness


Hello Son,

Collective Consciousness

There is one pool, one source; and this source is what we call the collective consciousness. Every being drinks from this pool and behind this pool is the Creator. Without this intervention and aid, we will have no thought, idea or any inspiration. One's thought will be void and simply we would not exist.

This is the source of energy and inspiration dating back millions of years, there is no other.

Mankind and anyone channelling or being inspired receives from this collective consciousness. This is happening every second of the day and the evidence of their work is everywhere.

When we think of an idea, it instantly appears and even pictures into our heads; it is from this pool the collective consciousness it has come from.

Oh mankind recognise and access this pool of knowledge so that you too can be inspired. This will help you to understand who you really are and where you are heading to, on your own personal journey.

Have we not said that there are billions of paths to the Creator, it is because of your own personal path that leads to God. We have laid many paths so that you can find yourself back to the source.

I have made this easier for you. If only you spend time finding your true self then the pool will flow into you and understanding will be simple.

With so many people around the world beginning to wake up daily; they are beginning to find their feet. They feel strongly about their direction than ever before. It is because they are being pushed into a direction of their choosing. Their higher self has led them to a path that will make understanding easier.

Being positive in your daily life is a start to greater things, even when things become challenging, it is a path of greatness of yourself. This is the spiritual path.

Be active and generous in your dealings and with everyone you meet; as you will inspire others to do the same and find themselves. To awaken others is noble but to keep quiet is even better.

Mankind's words will not cease as the demonstrations become bigger and bigger. They are awakening their own way, they too will find themselves during these times of hardships.

It is in confusement and despair when mankind opens himself fully and asks for help. Immediately he is inspired and thoughts and images flood into his mind. He begins to listen and then puts them into action.

The Creator has never abandoned anyone but he lifted you all and showed you the way. Yet we had turned our shoulder the other way. It is mankind’s foolery that had led themselves astray.

It is time for them to shine, as many seeing the truth want to be noticed in their own way.

Let this be you, it your time so use it wisely and be mindful and positive. Rid the fear in your daily life and other veils of negative thinking.

Your mother; through determination and having the final goal of ascension; mankind will surely triumph.