OP008 - Jesus Part 1


Hello Son,

Your Opening

I am Jesus and greet you with my energy and bring you a message that will inspire humanity from the eyes can see and beyond.

This new chapter is dedicated to you as it is your opening into the higher dimensions of knowledge. As the new energies permeate through the body and become accustomed to you, more and more messages will be revealed and this can be shared to others.

It was I who came into your dream to tell you that you are a lightworker. This message I give to you proudly and you should now make every effort to share these messages to a bigger audience on the global website, lightworkers.

Your unique style of channelling will appeal to a different type of learners, who are starting out and to others who are Muslims.

Tell the world that you are a Muslim and have been channelling just over two years; let them know that you have channelled Saint Germain, so that they understand that Islam has more to offer than the biased and false reporting on the website and the media.

You are the catalyst that will wake up thousands and thousands of Muslims all around the world, who will be inspired to read your words.

Your words are in plain English and everyone can understand them, your messages are clear and precise, this will also be helpful to those of all creed who are starting out.

Let the world know that Muslims all around the world are gifted too like any other race; they too are have been enlightened through the ages.

Your channelling will shed a new light into the hearts of every other race who regarded Islam as a false and terrorist religion. The true will see the veil and the lies that have been regularly been told on the media for years.

I Jesus of Nazareth am your spirit guide to a Muslim called Shazi, who I love dearly, so that they too may open their minds and hearts. That they may expand their thinking and embrace another lightworker who has been working behind the scene unnoticed.

There will be some who have challenging views but the true will see the light in the messages of all of the work.

Your website is truly inspirational and tells a unique journey to full enlightenment.

You are still trying to achieve this but the journey will be complete when you will ascend with others.

Tell the world how a simple housewife from the Islamic world, through dedication, rose to the ranks and became a Saint. Who has passed away and is an Ascended Master of the fifteenth dimension; who with other Ascended Masters is overseeing the planet's ascension.

Tell the world that you have been channelling your mother an Ascended Master Saida Khatoon, so they too can read her work and know her name.

In the higher realms all the Prophets and Saints know her name and she is truly loved by the Creator.

Tell the world that Allah, God and Creator are the same, and you worship what others around the world worship.

Oh humanity embrace others with different beliefs than yours, they too will ascend in their thousands. Remember the Creator created all different things so that you may learn from each other, share ideas and absorb their energy.

It is why the western world especially travel so much for this very reason, to learn from other races and see what they see.

I will now inspire you every second of the day and walk with you every where you go.

I am forever in your heart and that of your families and those that you love; and continue to wake up others so they too can taste the elixir of knowledge.

From the love of the Creator I bid you farewell until you channel me again soon.