OP009 - Jesus Part 2


Hello Son,

Building Blocks of Life

I am Jesus and greet you with my energy and come to enrich your mind and of others too.

For every soul on the planet, the aim has been the same for everyone. That is to find the way back home to the Creator; to experience life to the full and accept a higher being or force that governs and rules all the galaxies.

For some time this acceptance has been a long time coming and only in the last two decades has mankind finally understood their origins and their own personal awakening.

This task of many souls awakening around the planet was too much for one person; it the very reason we have spread this burden onto so many lightworkers.

Technology and especially the internet have made knowledge more accessible to the world and have readily been available at an instant. Because of this many people around the world are waking up to the truth.

This first awakening is the first step of their journey that lead to further distances made on this spiritual path.

Like a building block, the stack becomes higher and higher, it is the same analogy when we spend time raising our own vibrations. A person becomes spiritually tuned with himself and this over time becomes more refined.

Without this discipline mankind cannot expect to make progress.

However, as this channeller has written on many occasions; once the intention is made, the journey has then begun. It will become easier once a regular routine is made.

The Creator rewards those who have ‘sweated it out’, through the toils and revelations of life; and is able to learn through all the experiences and still be standing. This is the strength of man, which God admires in you all.

Build the foundation through meditation, contemplation and whichever you feel comfortable with; but this must be done on a regular timetable as shown by so many people all around the world.

It is necessary to have faith and conviction.

A routine of reading and acquiring knowledge; and most of all meditation is needed to balance the body.

Oh my beloved children, this life is coming to a new chapter of inspiration and shedding the misery of the past. Never again will the same negativity of the wicked be allowed to rule the world.

Through positive thought we can all rid this negativity once and for all. Now it is your turn to rule with in you. Master yourselves and awaken the heart to embrace the teacher inside you.

You are the secret; even the aliens watching the events unfold know this too. They admire the courage you have shown to rise above the dark cabals and be counted. This took enormous courage and we suggest that you carry on your struggle for a short while, when you will fully understand the truth of all truth.

There is a greater need to work amongst you, to spread the truth vibrations as far a field necessary for others to absorb. Make this possible; I continue to inspire those who carry my words and ideas for mankind to embrace.

This chapter I dedicate to humanity as the final building block of life; for you to awaken is the graduation of you.

Until then when we can meet in person; I Jesus bid you farewell and may the light of the Creator be in you all and forever.