OP007 - Inner Guidance


Hello Son,

Inner Guidance

There will be an increase in messages from your inner voice or guidance. This could be in the form of dreams or higher consciousness, sending images or guiding you to do something.

Listen to them carefully and try to act upon them.

We remind you this is the year of change; this change is you. The energies and truth vibrations are coming in flooding rivers throughout the land. As this has been happening for sometime now, your body is now acting upon them.

There was a delayed reaction so that the body could get used to the new vibrations, otherwise it would have made everybody ill and confused. Now this will react with the mind and a new connection of intense activity will take place. However, if we choose to ignore this then the vibrations will simply dissipate away and remain in the body. But as soon as we focus upon them we can direct them throughout the body.

The action must be made by yourselves, there is no need to be anxious over this; we suggest that you tell your higher consciousness to sort this out and relax yourselves.

Try to communicate with yourself as though you are talking to someone, and then listen carefully for an inner voice. Overtime this can be developed and the tuning will be increased. When this will happen a two way conversation can take place and confidence in communication will be stronger.

Like with everything, faith in yourself is essential; but you must be willing to try something new each time. Remember knowledge lies within the heart and the inner guidance is also inside.

The key has always been you.

We can only show you the way and suggest how to connect, but at the same time the action has to be carried out and continued over time. With patience and willingness to learn with enthusiasm, success will come.

If your inner voice is suggesting you to quit meat then do so without question, but the final decision must be yours and that you are happy about this. Do not complain to others that he said so. You are the secret so follow your heart; and if it feels good then it is definitely good for you.

Your mother; humanity will start to see the truth with a different pair of eyes and see that the world has not fulfilled the things as expected. The power is you so find this in yourselves.