OP006 - Mind & Movement


Hello Son,

Mind & Movement

As you settle down and carry on with your daily life, a new energy wave will enter the planet commencing in May.

This wave is to harmonise and calm the nervous system, to prevent sudden body changes like over anxiety and tension. This phased energy which started from the beginning of this year, is to awaken the DNA strands into action.

The scientists call this junk DNA. How wrong they are; there are some who have discovered the correct pattern and understanding. But they are a long away from understanding that they are being activated, before ascension.

This activation of the DNA will add further harmony to the mind and body to work as a complete unit, through the higher consciousness. Again this is a phased activation so that the body does not get confused and mind signals become tangled.

The Creator knows what is best for each of us, and for every person it is different; according to beliefs and understanding.

You will gain more energy to do things and you will get less tired than usual, from your normal routine. This is because it will revitalise the cells and muscles in the body.

This excess energy needs to get used, so be active and get into motion. Like water if left alone becomes stagnant. The mind will also make you alert so give it something to do, perhaps a target that you have been saving in your mind.

Get into motion and make something happen.

Be mindful of the things and people around you who are still unaware of the changes.

For some of your dreams will become more vivid, as your inner sight will increase. Whatever you will practice from meditation to chanting, it will have a rapid effect.

Stay positive and meet each other regularly.

Your mother; let the energies awaken the cells and DNA of the body.