OP005 - The Opening


Hello Son,

The Opening

It is time you all say a prayer; read these words and transfer the energy through your mind and into the heart.

Oh Creator, of all the galaxies and universes and in every corner the eye cannot see, I recognise the beauty and power of your throne.

You have guided me through all my life time, even when I took you for granted.

I ask forgiveness and gratitude for the care that you have shown me every second of the day and night.

I turn to thee, now that I fully understand that you cure my illnesses of the mind and body.

And that you open and expand my chest so that I may understand more.

I ask for forgiveness again that I did not understand earlier in my life.

I turn to you at this time so that I can learn and help mankind to understand the message of your knowledge and wisdom.

I give my life in the aid of helping others.

I with my hands in prayer turn to you and ask for the ascension of the whole of mankind.

And that they too understand as I do now.

Let your love and harmony flood the atmosphere and reach into every heart of every creation.

When the time is near; guide me so that I make the right choice for me and for mankind.

I pray for my family, so they too understand and that their heart opens to receive your light.

Forever in your heart, I thank thee, and the moment when you carried me when I was alone.

Oh mankind this is a prayer for you as the time is fast approaching.

Your mother; remember it is time to thank the Creator, the God of all creation through every age in history.