OP004 - Why We are Here


Hello Son,

Why We are Here

We the Ascended Masters and Saints are here at this time so that you can find the path to enlightenment and to prepare yourselves for the coming events.

Without our help you will be still misguided and would not realise that there is life after death and there are higher realms of existence. There would have been a shroud of doubt wherever you go; your life would have been even more difficult.

A challenge after challenge would have been your life with no one to turn to for help. Your only stand was that you believe in God, but even this was an empty belief.

Look at you now, we have concreted your faith and raised it to another level. There is no doubt.

We have even lightened your burden and even the pains in your heads are going away, even though you did not ask for it.

We have done this because our collective energy is full of love of the creator and everything He has produced. When we were ignorant we constantly lost our way, now that we understand we can see how much the Creator has done in everyone’s life.

Even as we roam freely amongst each dimension he continues to reward us, there is no doubt a Creator is looking out for everyone.

For our gratitude we have put our hands up to aid mankind in the ascension time period. We are in awe of the Creator, one day when you fully awaken you will all understand at each level of understanding how much the Creator has done for mankind.

We continue to guide you so that your path will be easier as you have believed, in the words that we write.

You mother; we continue our program of awakening and it is running smoothly; without causing to much stir amongst yourselves.