OP002 - Regaining Your Power


Hello Son,

Regaining Your Power

The Prophet Adam was given full knowledge of the Universe and had use of his mind and telepathy.

He made an agreement that for a designated period of time, he and his generations including all of mankind will reside on earth in the lower vibrations. This time period is over and it is time to reclaim the power that was given to Prophet Adam.

The condition is that if you seek this ascension or do you prefer to carry on with the same lower vibration.

If you are reading it is clear that graduation to the higher realms is your goal. Be assured that you are the lucky ones who have listened.

It is time to regain the same power that was given to Prophet Adam, many years ago. He himself is looking down and watching the events unfolding and openly praying for all of mankind to ascend.

We have encouraged you all to relax the mind away from the matters of the world to raise your vibrations. The contemplation and meditation has helped for the rise to the higher realms and yet ascension is but a time period away.

Though the world events will try to distract you from time to time, it is suggested to brush them to oneside and concentrate on the main goal of spiritual awakening before ascension.

The power we refer to is full activation of the dormant 90% of the right brain, which is the spiritual side. If you research this further on the web and from other channellings they will discuss this topic more.

Most of you are feeling a change, for some you are calm and collective and can cope with things a lot better than before. This is because the intuitive side of the brain is more active than ever before and reflection of life has become easier.

Your mother; we must remember our roots and praise ourselves from getting through the challenges and woes of the world.