OP001 - The Heart Chakra


Hello Son,

The Heart Chakra

The Earth's heart chakra lies in London and soon it will open. If we compare this with a person’s own heart chakra, this is where secrets and knowledge can be found. In full activation the heart is full of love vibrations.

The planet is governed according to freewill; this ultimately means that if mankind can raise their vibrations, then the heart chakra can be activated.

There are certain factors, we the Ascended Masters have planned this event to coincide with the summer Olympic games in London. Europe is only busy with another event, which is the European football championships, held in another country.

With two major events there will be great excite and euphoria; positive vibrations will flood the city and change the consciousness. However, when the event is over, mankind will need to stay positive and still continue with the journey.

We are aware of the dark lord’s plans to cause fear and disruption during the games. It is fear that will lower the surrounding vibrations and prevent full activation of the Earth’s heart chakra.

London holds the key.

If the host city do well in the games, and win the football championships as well then the whole mode of the country will change and positive factors attribute to further excitement, then full activation will take place.

Oh mankind we remind you, ascension is your journey to enlightenment and we have made events possible so that you will give thanks. Like all events they are based on probability and on only the exact time. We are unaware because of the outside factors that can easily change the situation.

With so much residing on outside events to make it possible, everyone can do their share and meditate on Mother Earth. It is your energies she is absorbing and it is her awakening that will change the course of history for the planet.

Your mother; the heart lies the message that leads to a road of further challenges to awaken the ultimate desire of man, that is to know.