Opening Part 1

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Title Created Date
OP001 - The Heart Chakra 26-Apr-2012
OP002 - Regaining Your Power 26-Apr-2012
OP003 - Harmonising the Atmosphere 26-Apr-2012
OP004 - Why We are Here 26-Apr-2012
OP005 - The Opening 28-Apr-2012
OP006 - Mind & Movement 28-Apr-2012
OP007 - Inner Guidance 29-Apr-2012
OP008 - Jesus Part 1 29-Apr-2012
OP009 - Jesus Part 2 29-Apr-2012
OP010 - Collective Consciousness 29-Apr-2012
OP011 - Jesus Part 3 30-Apr-2012
OP012 - The Way Ahead 30-Apr-2012
OP013 - Your Time Use It Wisely 30-Apr-2012
OP014 - Align Your Family Part 1 01-May-2012
OP015 - Align Your Family Part 2 01-May-2012
OP016 - There is No Religion in Spirit 01-May-2012
OP017 - Align Your Family Part 3 02-May-2012
OP018 - Stay True to Yourself 02-May-2012
OP019 - Jesus Part 4 03-May-2012
OP020 - Jesus Part 5 03-May-2012
OP021 - Jesus Part 6 04-May-2012
OP022 - New Energies and the Impact it Will Bring 06-May-2012
OP023 - The Need 06-May-2012
OP024 - Destination not reached 06-May-2012
OP025 - Coincidences 06-May-2012
OP026 - The Silence of the Mind in Meditation 07-May-2012
OP027 - Rising from the Foundation and Into Light 07-May-2012
OP028 - Cleansing Continues and Starts for Others 07-May-2012
OP029 - Energy Field 08-May-2012
OP030 - Continue 08-May-2012
OP031 - Seeing the Difference in You 09-May-2012
OP032 - Spirit World 09-May-2012
OP033 - The Way Forward 09-May-2012
OP034 - Your not Alone 10-May-2012
OP035 - Cleansing the Mind to Balance the Energies 11-May-2012
OP036 - Mayan Calendar 12-May-2012
OP037 - Starting a New Life 12-May-2012
OP038 - Walk the Path with Others 12-May-2012
OP039 - Absorbing the moment 13-May-2012
OP040 - The Questioning Mind 15-May-2012