NH042 - Integrating the Wisdom of Rainbow Consciousness ~

08 February 2014

Integrating the Wisdom of Rainbow Consciousness ~

I SEE that I am walking on a path made of diamonds, smooth and cool too; above my head are coloured clouds everywhere; there are fluffy too in red, green, orange, indigo, silver, blue, purple, gold, light grey, and white all moving slowly

I SEE the diamond path holding the reflection this these clouds and it seems as though the clouds are underneath my feet

I SEE myself looking doing a 360 degree look and all I could see was coloured clouds everywhere

I SEE myself walking along this path wondering where I am

I SEE myself walking at a leisurely pace feeling free in this sight; until I come across a book; it is leather bound and has a chord made of a golden thread tied around and with a bow.

The cover had an engraved tree and its branches were spread out and went to the back of the book.

I SEE the book in my hand and could feel its weight it was heavy; but realise the cord was heavily tied around the book with thousands of knots. Each not was tight and there was no way of opening it

I SEE myself being confused and thinking if I could untie the knots it would take me weeks; as soon as I think this the book opened out and lifted out of my hands and into the air a few feet away

I SEE there was a glow of blue coming out then suddenly all the clouds above my head stopped moving; there was this incredible silence in me, I was simply empty with any thought not even a whisper was heard all around me

I SEE the cloud coming down and slowly was sucked inside the book, then another and another
I SEE myself walking backwards and letting things around me be in charge

I SEE the pace increase as another cloud sped downwards and be sucked inside this book

Soon this there were no clouds at all and I see the path breaking up into small pieces of diamonds and that too became sucked into the book; yet I was still in this silence, observing and watching what was going on

I SEE after a while everything had been sucked into this book and soon I was the only one left all around

I SEE the book come closer to me still floating in the air and it closed slowly and I saw the cord tighten itself as before

I SEE the book rest slowly into my open hands and it was not heavy any more

I SEE myself becoming surprised as though all the weight of the book had just disappeared

I SEE everything slowly fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi