NH041 - My Encounter with the Fruits of My Wisdom

08 February 2014

My Encounter with the Fruits of My Wisdom

I SEE fruits in front of me so big they are; as I concentrate further I realise I am walking in a fruit garden, but this is special. The size of fruits are larger then normal, there are strawberries, melons, bananas, grapes, mangoes and many more all around me

I SEE the fruits are all hanging off trees; then I realise all the trees were the same size but the fruits were all different

I SEE myself walking closer to the fruit trees to inspect them to make sure that they were all the same and they certainly are

As my vision becomes clearer this fruit paradise I am in is as far as I could see, amazing

I SEE myself touching each fruit and getting excited too and instantly I could taste them in my stomach; somehow the energy of each fruit I was able to consume inside

The strawberries are so sweet, the melons and mangoes too; I laugh as my stomach becomes excited with all the different tastes

Then slowly my taste buds become tingling and I can taste them too

I SEE myself walking around the garden touching each of the fruits until a tree catches my eye

The tree is completely red, even the bark and the leaves; it is appealing to anyone looking at it; somehow it has a special attraction about this tree. There were no fruits on this tree and it was in the middle of a cluster of trees of mangoes

I SEE the tree too is the biggest in the width of the trunk and the spread of its branches too was the longest; they must spread out to about 100feet across, so it really stood out, but the height was the same as the others

I SEE myself getting closer and closer and underneath its canopy; I feel different somehow as my intellect tried to reason what was happening

I SEE myself becoming confused yet I was more attracted to touch and get closer to its trunk; as I step even closer and closer my eyes become blurry and I begin to shed tears too

I begin to rub my eyes and wipe the tears, yet I felt I needed to touch the tree

I SEE myself being only a foot away then astonishingly the tree opened up; I could hardly make it what was happening, but felt an energy coming my way

I SEE myself closing both eyes, composing myself and wiping away my tears; I stayed in silence thinking of nothing and absorbing the moment I was in

I SEE my eyes drying up and my weird feelings soon disappearing, yet I kept my eyes closed still

I hear a voice say;

“Open your eyes Dear Soul”

I then open my eyes and see the trunk had opened its bark wide open and there was white light shining inside the tree

I SEE myself focusing and making sense what was happening; I soon see a greater inside the doorway, perhaps it was another room; but all I could see was white light coming outside this room

I walk inside and soon I am embraced with this white light; as though I wore its garment or dress. It soon became like a skin all around me and I was wearing this white light

I SEE myself looking at my hands and touching my face too; there was nothing but light all around me shaped into my contours of my body
I SEE nothing but light inside this room and I was this light

I SEE and feel my eyes too were wearing this light like contact lenses; I look downwards and my feet too wore a pair of shoes of this light; everything was completely white but not white but sparkly

Somehow this light all around me was shiny and my finger nails too, like a diamond sparking in the light, how wonderful I felt inside

I SEE myself touching my hair and realise that too was covered

I SEE myself feeling this energy slowly coming inside my body and to every cell in my body. Somehow I could taste fruits of every variety rushing inside of me

I feel this energy was consuming me yet it felt great

I SEE myself walking around the room being in this vibration and heading no where

I soon wake up

I SEE everything slowly fading away and I have finished

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi